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CCG merger in Newcastle and Gateshead approved

CCG merger in Newcastle and Gateshead approved


NHS England has approved a merger between three clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in Newcastle and Gateshead. 

Gateshead CCG, Newcastle North & East CCG and Newcastle West CCG will become a single statutory body from 1 April 2015. 

The three CCGs had been working in as the Newcastle and Gateshead Alliance since they were established, because of patient flows and similar demographics between the two areas. 

However, the CCGs have decided to merge as they feel they would be "better placed" to face the challenges of the NHS in the future. 

The decision contrasts that of Ashford and Canterbury & Coastal CCG, who have decided to merge because of financial difficulties

The CCGs believe they could save more than £750,000 in staff costs and other expenditure through merging. 

Mark Adams, Alliance chief officer said: "We needed to make sure that the three CCGs could continue to make the most of the advantages of working together and ensure that we are best places to meet our operational challenges and deliver improvements in outcomes for patients as efficiently and effectively as possible - merging will help ensure we can do that.

"We look forward to becoming a fully merged organisation and continuing to build upon the strong partnerships and relationships we have, to ensure we build the very best care and services for the people of Gateshead and Newcastle, creating local solutions for local communities." 

Chris Long, director of the Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear area team at NHS England, said: “We felt that the three CCGs made a strong case for how a merger would improve patient care.

"These are already high-performing organisations and this move will significantly improve their ability to commission care on behalf of the people of Newcastle and Gateshead.”


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