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CCG fines hospital £500k for missing targets

CCG fines hospital £500k for missing targets


A clinical commissioning group (CCG) has fined the local hospital half a million pounds for failing to meet performance deadlines. 

The Addenbrooke Hospital missed waiting time targets for ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery in January. 

Cambridge and Peterborough CCG refused to pay a monthly £500,000 allowance and will only pay if “significant improvements” are made by April. 

Jane Ramsey, chairman of Cambridge University Hospitals said: “It is disturbing to hear that the CCG is fining us half a million pounds for this breach, as that money could be put to good use.

“We must learn lessons from this so it doesn’t happen again.”

A spokeswoman for the CCG said: “The trust failed to deliver on their plan to meet the standard from January 2014.

“Any financial consequences applied are in line with the NHS contract for services which the trust is signed up to, and any retained funds would be reinvested into additional health care.

“NHS commissioners are working closely with the hospital trust executives to ensure that the issues that are causing the delay in treatment times are addressed.”


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