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CCG creates guidance for new parents

CCG creates guidance for new parents


Guidance on treating day-to-day illness and recognising serious illness for the parents of babies and toddlers has been developed by North Hampshire clinical commissioning group (CCG). 

Managing your child's health also offers advice on what local services are available for support. 

Mothers and fathers will be given the booklets by local health visitors, and it will also be available in electronic format on the North Hampshire CCG website for parents who would like a copy on their mobile phone or tablet. 

A commercial was commissioned by the CCG and shown during the week that the booklet was launched. 

Dr Sam Hullah, chief clinical officer of the CCG said: "Mums and dads of new babies often ask me for advice on how to manage problems such as a temperature or diarrhoea and this booklet will be an excellent resource that they can keep in their home or on their mobile phone. Parents have been saying to us that they want to manage their own children’s health without needing to see a doctor or nurse but need some advice and support to do that with confidence." 

Managing your child’s health contains sections on: 

 - Baby being sick and upset tummies.

 - Rashes and dry skin.

 - Understanding why your baby is crying.

 - Ear problems.


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