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CCG authorisations: six without conditions in third wave

CCG authorisations: six without conditions in third wave


Only six CCGs will to take over their portion of the NHS budget without conditions in the third wave of authorisations, it has been revealed. 

Six CCGs have met all 119-authorisation criteria, a further 56 have been authorized with conditions, meaning they will receive “formal support”. 

“Intensive” support has been offered to five CCGs by the NHS Commissioning Board, which will be underpinned by “legal directions”. 

The five CCGs needing intensive support are Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford, Newham, Herefordshire, Scarborough and Ryedale and Vale of York. 

“The majority of [the 211] CCGs are now authorised and up-and-running,” said Dame Barbara Hakin, the NHS Commissioning Board’s national director for commissioning development. 


Third-wave CCGs will commission hospital, community and mental health services for more than 13 million people. 

The first 34 CCGs were authorised in December 2013 and 67 CCGs were authorised in January 2013. 

The remaining 48 CCGs are set for authorisation in March 2013. 

The NHS Commissioning Board has emphasised that it expects CCGs to develop and improve up until April.

Dame Hakin said: “We are moving at pace towards a clinically-led NHS that is focused on delivering improved health outcomes, quality, patient safety, innovation and public participation.”


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