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Businesses urged to take on apprentices

Businesses urged to take on apprentices


Many employers do not think apprentices are right for their business or organisation, according to a survey.

Nearly half of the 500 employers surveyed by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) said they had not taken on an apprentice in the last three years.

Meanwhile just a third said they expected to take some on this year.

The CIPD said the government needed to do more to encourage businesses and organisations to consider apprenticeships.

It comes after Chancellor George Osborne announced extra funding for apprenticeship's in last month's budget.

Katerina Rudiger, of the CIPD, said: "The fact that many employers think apprentices are not right for their organisation, however, demonstrates that funding alone is not enough.

"Demand for apprentices in England has always been very low, especially when compared internationally. The government therefore needs to do more to make the business case to employers, highlighting the benefits apprentices can bring to organisations, such as relevant skills, loyalty, higher quality and greater productivity.

"Furthermore, if apprenticeships are to contribute to raising the UK's intermediate skills base and provide a real way into professions, they need to be of high quality.

"The proportion of higher-level apprenticeships in England is still too low, with our research showing most still pitched at a low level."

Chancellor George Osborne told the British Chambers of Commerce annual conference that there was a 'real commitment' from the government to help create more apprenticeships, with hundreds of millions of pounds being provided.

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