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87,000 denied right to time off work

87,000 denied right to time off work


Legal right to time off work and paid holidays have been denied to 87,000 employees in the last three years, according to Citizens Advice.

Those working in small, non-unionised companies were especially vulnerable, said the report.

Citizens Advice Bureaux in England and Wales dealt with a "widespread" number of such cases involving care home workers, hairdressers, bar staff, cleaners and shop employees.

Most of those involved were women, in part-time jobs, juggling home life with work.

Some of the problems stemmed from workers not knowing how much time off they were legally allowed to take, but the report also accused "rogue" employers of using excuses to avoid giving staff paid holidays. In one case reported to the CAB, a 22-year-old bar worker from Berkshire who had one week's holiday in 18 months - and that was unpaid.

Citizens Advice chief executive Gillian Guy said: "The vast majority of employers - large and small - try hard to meet their legal obligations to their workforce, and most go way beyond the minimum statutory requirements. Sadly, however, there are still far too many rogue employers and employment agencies prepared to flout the law and profit from exploitation."

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