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£6m wasted on prescriptions, says CCG

£6m wasted on prescriptions, says CCG


Wasted prescription medicines cost the NHS £6 million each year in Coventry and Warwickshire alone, the local CCG has revealed. 

Coventry and Rugby CCG described it as a “black hole” of unused medication, which costs £1.5 million in Rugby and £4.5 million in Coventry each year. 

The CCG has called for urgent action to recoup the money, which could be reinvested into local services. Patients have been urged to think carefully before ordering medicines, and only tick needed items on repeat prescriptions. 

Unclaimed repeat prescriptions are a problem because if not collected they must be incinerated, even if unopened. 

Dr. Adrian Canale-Parola, chair of Coventry and Rugby Commissioning Group (CCG), explained: “With continued pressure on NHS budgets, we are urging people to help in areas where they can make a real difference. 

“It is important that people take the medicines they need but if a patient feels they don't need a medicine anymore they should speak to their doctor, practice nurse or community pharmacist to request a medicines review."

A special task force made up of patients, GPs and pharmacists has been formed by the CCG to produce campaign materials, which will be rolled out to surgeries and other health locations through September. 

Les Yeates, chief cfficer of both Coventry and Warwickshire Local Pharmaceutical Committees, added: “Community pharmacists play an important role in reducing medicines waste through their partnership with prescribers and patients. Pharmacists are available without an appointment to advise patients about their medicines.”


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